If you have a vagina, this course is for you! 

Whether you’ve started experiencing symptoms or not, you’re about to spend
the rest of your life in one of the 3 stages of menopause.

But, not to worry, with the knowledge you will gain from this course you will never feel alone and you’ll never feel better… 


But I’m too young! 

Here are the facts: 

  • Perimenopause begins in your 40’s can cause you to start experiencing symptoms 6-10 years before you actually arrive in menopause.  
  • Most women have no idea what’s going on or where to turn to.
  • Think your doctor will tell you about it? Think again! 
  • A reported 80% of OBGYNs practicing in the US today have received no training in menopause
  • As a result, millions of women suffer needlessly from all kinds of symptoms that are totally treatable yet go undiagnosed. 
  • Without treatment, our relationships, work life, and sex life all suffer.

I don’t know about you, but I was clueless.


I lost 5 years of my life
but you don’t have to.

Over the last 19 years I became the leading advocate for women dismantling the cloak of silence around menopause.

This Course is a culmination of 2 decades of work and the ultimate cheat sheet to thriving after 40.

Menopause can be very dry….but this course won’t be!

I’ve got you!

Learn to recognize and conquer the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause so that you can live your best life with
Fearless Vagina: Ellen Dolgen’s Guide to Menopause


Be Prepared!

We'll go over what every woman needs to know before the first symptoms hit!

Remove the mystery!

Discover and pinpoint where you’re at in your menopausal journey, so you’re no longer in the dark!

What’s happening
to me?!

We’ll help you recognize the over 30+ symptoms that are affecting your life at home, at work and in the bedroom! We’ll empower you to treat, and overcome those symptoms.

I want my life back!

The course will be vital to your overall health and longevity so you can get back to living!

So much new lingo!

Learn how to find a menopause specialist and communicate with them effectively so you can advocate for your needs.

You’re not alone!

With this course you’ll learn, laugh, and feel the love and support you truly deserve!

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Menopause is not scary once you have the right information, that's why I created this course. 
I've got you.